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The attorneys at Schenk, Schenk & Haines bring a variety of skills and resources to bear on every case we handle. By drawing upon a wide variety of practice skills, including sophisticated negotiation techniques and thorough trial preparation, we can handle any issue that can arise in a divorce and other Family Law matters.

To achieve that, we work with our clients to map out their objectives and, consistent with their budget, develop a strategy to meet their desired outcomes.

No matter what issues your case involves, and no matter which of our lawyers you’ll be dealing with most, you will benefit from the depth of expertise our firm offers. Our attorneys’ wide range of expertise allows you to tap into decade’s worth of family law knowledge and experience, without having to “reinvent the wheel.”

Contact us at our Wichita Falls office to learn how you can benefit from the counsel and advocacy of experienced, focused and accomplished family law attorneys.

Versatile, Experienced and Accomplished Texas Family Lawyers

Our advantage in the courtroom comes from our decades of experience and knowledge of the law. In addition to being extraordinarily well-versed in all aspects of family law, our attorneys have experience assisting our clients at the intersection of family law and other related areas. This includes providing counsel on family law issues related to real estate, criminal law, trust law, including trusts and estates, partnership law and matters involving other types of business entities, and bankruptcies. Combined with excellent research and writing abilities, and our skill at advocacy, Schenk, Schenk & Haines offers clients a recipe for success–both inside and outside the courtroom. Whether or not your case goes to court, our knowledge and skill achieve significant advantages in negotiations, mediation, and collaborative law proceedings.

Find out more about the ways you can benefit from the counsel of a focused and fully integrated family law practice with a reputation for excellence. Contact the Wichita Falls attorneys of Schenk, Schenk & Haines.

Cletus C. Schenk is the founding member of the firm. Cletus was licensed to practice law in 1958 and he retired in 1997. Cletus’ daughter, Cyndi Schenk, is carrying on the family tradition. The Schenk Law Firm is one of the longest established firms in Wichita Falls.

The attorneys of Schenk, Schenk & Haines are trial attorneys with a reputation for being aggressive in the courtroom and always prepared. Our priority is to zealously represent our clients within the ethical bounds of the legal profession. The reputation of Schenk, Schenk & Haines is of utmost importance. We believe that your word is your bond. We also believe that we have earned an excellent reputation in our community by being diligent and being as prepared as possible for all court appearances. We do not like to lose. When an attorney from this firm steps into a courtroom, the other side better come prepared because we will be.

Family Law Attorneys

Schenk, Schenk & Haines is a large family law firm with a fully staffed office located in Wichita Falls, Texas. Schenk, Schenk & Haines has an experienced family law attorney for every family law matter. We have both the knowledge and resources to serve clients in matters including complex divorce litigation; property settlements of all sizes; marital agreements; asset tracing, valuation and division; child custody, possession and access, support and paternity; and trial and appellate work, as well as offering litigation alternatives such as mediation, settlement conferences, arbitration and collaborative law, across Texas.

Schenk, Schenk & Haines offers clients a great choice of proficiency and temperaments when choosing a family law attorney. Skilled and well-qualified Schenk, Schenk & Haines attorneys handle most cases individually. For the larger and more complex cases, this firm can assemble a team with the resources you need. This team will consist of well-qualified and meticulous family law attorneys who use their expertise to help with the specifics of a case. They approach the various aspects of their knowledge of divorce and related matters will create a strong advocacy team that works on a dedicated course. The team will be focused on the best interest of the client and, when applicable, the client’s children and/or business.

Big Firm Benefits

The goal of the Schenk, Schenk & Haines family law attorney is to provide this law firm’s unique approach — big-firm benefits in a boutique atmosphere — to family law clients throughout Texas. All Schenk, Schenk & Haines Family Law attorneys have the vast resources available to them.

The firm consists of experienced, dedicated, talented attorneys plus their support staff, operating from the Wichita Falls Office.

Cyndi Schenk

Cyndi Schenk

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Lee Ann Haines

Lee Ann Haines

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