My husband and I retained SS&H Law Firm after years of turmoil concerning visitation for his children. Without getting into the nitty-gritty details, I can say that Ms. Haines at Schenk, Schenk, and Haines was able to provide a strategy that won our case. In fact, we ended up receiving MORE than we had originally asked for! Mrs. Haines legal skill is great, but she is also an attorney that truly cares and was supportive throughout the entire process. My husband and I will forever be grateful to Ms. Haines and the rest of the staff at Schenk, Schenk, and Haines Law Firm.

- Charis

Without the help of Schenk, Schenk, and Haines Law Firm, I know that I would not have had the successful outcomes I have had. I am now a father in the state of Texas with primary care of his children! Ms. Haines took an extremely difficult case with issues that few had ever seen, much less had expected. Ms. Haines was able to not only make sure that the truth was known, but was also able to present it perfectly in court. The staff at Schenk, Schenk, and Haines were helpful in ways that I cannot begin to explain. They were a guide throughout this emotionally taxing process as well as a shoulder to lean on when the punches kept rolling. I am proud to be a Schenk, Schenk, and Haines client and will continue to retain them for all legal matters concerning custody, visitation, and family law matters that may arise in the future as I know I am in good hands with them. Thank you SS&H for EVERYTHING!

- Rob

Thank you all for your attention to detail and helping me navigate such a trying time!  Custody isn't an easy fight for a man, but you stood up for me and my children and I am forever grateful.

- Lynn

Wichita Falls

Thank you both. As always, you’re rockstars and your communication lets me sleep easy. Thank you for what you do for us!

- Melody

Nothing but gratitude for your team. Thank you for all the hard work. You made everything as painless as possible.

- Ronald

Wichita Falls, TX